Frequently asked questions

Hello! We hope you are well on your way to getting to grips with the course.

We want to help you as much as possible, as you can imagine we’ve had quite a few questions over the past couple of years so, we’ve compiled the best of them and put them in some sort of order for you to find the answers you need.

You may have been sent here by one of us to find the information you need; as you can imagine, during a busy group course, some questions get repeated and as we cannot offer one-to-one help to everybody for everything it’s important that you check here first. However, if it’s not answered here then put it in a post on the group and use the right hashtag; #AskNicki for feedback related and #Asktheteam for anything course related.

Please do not email us directly if something can be posted into the group. If you have something that you feel you cannot put in the group and need to speak to someone then please email theteam@justbrandyou.co.uk and you will be directed to the right person. We have worked out the best way to support you and your journey, and we do not want your questions to get lost in messages so, after checking here, if you cannot find your answer, please post in the group and use the hashtags as your first port of call.

About the Members’ Area

What is the password to the members’ area and how do I get there?

The members’ area is found at https://programs.iamnickijames.co.uk/100-brand-you-november-2021/ and the password is 100%-Brand-You-Nov21

You would have also been sent an email with all of the details you need, including the VIP areas if you are a ‘Brilliance’ or ‘Elite’ member, when you joined.

Where are the replays, I can’t find them?

The replays are found in the members’ area underneath each of the titles (so in week one you’ll only see one etc.).

It may not have been uploaded yet; they are usually available within 24 hours of the end of the training.

Where is the brand book to go with this module?

The brand books are a clickable link, underneath the replay.

It may not have been uploaded yet; they are usually available within 24 hours of the end of the training.

I am putting in the password to the members’ area but it’s not working, why?

You may have your caps lock on or have copied a space when copying and pasting it from somewhere.

We may have changed it – this happens from time to time if we feel that the security of the content has been compromised. We will email you the new password if we change it and let you know in the group that this has happened.

You may have missed your payment, our system may have stopped you from accessing the members’ area until your account is up-to-date.

About the Course Content

Will I have access to all the course materials straight away? 

As the course is taught via online training, and it is important for the modules to be taken in a particular order, you will not be given all of the brand books prior to the training. From experience we have found that clients, in this situation do one of two things; leave it all to after the training and then try to do it all at once, or they attempt the brand books prior to the training or even without the training. Both of these things usually result in lots of questions and some confusion. Therefore, after each training, the replay of the live training and the workbook (if applicable to that week) will usually be uploaded within 24 hours of the training ending.

Will I have a chance to ask questions?

You are encouraged to ask questions at the end of each training, either by turning your microphone on or, by writing them in the chat.

You can write your questions in the chat as we go along if you prefer. If one of our team can answer straight away they will, otherwise they will be answered at the end of the training.

You can post questions relating to the course content in the ‘guides’ tab underneath the module your question relates to in the Facebook group. Use the #AskNicki when asking questions about content.

We encourage questions and also encourage others to help answer them where appropriate.

Will I be on camera during training? 

All our training sessions are recorded via zoom and are on the members’ area for people to revisit or replay. If you do not wish to be on camera then please ensure that your camera is off, this is your responsibility (although we love to see your smiling faces so keep them on if you can).

I feel that this module doesn’t relate to what I do, can I skip it?

We suggest that you do not skip modules. The course is structured in a way so that it builds on previous knowledge. Nicki uses a tried and tested signature system so that you are guided through the course to maximise success. This system is based on her one-to-one process and has been adapted for this group program.

All of the modules relate to any industry whether service or product based. If you are finding a module particularly difficult or are struggling to relate to it, please speak to one of our team who will be able to help and support you.

Where do I post all my answers/my booklet?

In short you don’t. We are not teachers who check up on you. The brand books help to facilitate the learning you do through the training and give you the opportunity to practise and download your thoughts; in turn this helps you to clarify your offering, business and service.

If you wish to ask the group for feedback on ideas then please feel free to post them in the group. We won’t be able to read all of your copy but do give feedback on questions when you’re stuck or need advice.

As Nicki has had years of training and practise she is able to step into the shoes of your ideal client. Please be aware that getting feedback from everyone in the group is not the aim; they may not be your ideal client. Please remember that their feedback is most often opinion rather than fact.

What if I can’t make it to a training?

All training will be recorded on Zoom and uploaded into the members’ area within 24 hours.

We suggest that you watch the replay as soon as you can so that you don’t miss out on valuable group posts/chats which may not make sense if you’ve not yet watched it.

About the VIP packages:

If I’ve bought the ‘Brilliance’ or the ‘Elite’ package where do I access the extra information?

In your ‘Welcome’ email you will find a link to the additional ‘Brilliance’ or ‘Elite’ areas where you can find the information and resources. Please note that the main members’ area is where the training replays are kept and the VIP areas only have the extra information on them. If you cannot find these details they can be resent to you by emailing theteam@justbrandyou.co.uk.

You will receive any extra replays via email.

Can I upgrade to Brilliance or Elite if I have changed my mind?

You can upgrade at any time by paying the difference between the plans by emailing theteam@justbrandyou.co.uk

General Questions

What do the hashtags mean?

# are used in the Facebook group so that we can get to your questions quickly. They are ordered in a list for us, most of these # will be answered within 48 hours or sooner. Please don’t overuse the # or use all of them as this stops the list from working effectively for us and you may not get answered.

#AskNicki is for questions for Nicki – these should be design, content or feedback related. You may be answered by someone else if we don’t think that your question uses the right # or if the answer has been given in training or previously in the group.

#Asktheteam is used for questions relating to the way the course is made up, access to areas, replays etc – these will mainly be answered by Tara.

#tech can be used for questions relating to technical issues you may have. These will be answered by either of us, or in the case that we need further information, we will consult our developers to get an accurate answer. Most website template questions will be answered by Nicki as she has designed the website templates, and the rest of our team have their own specialist areas.