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The Giftsmith

I FEEL LIKE SHE’S STEPPED INSIDE MY HEAD, taken hold of all the ideas I had bumping about and brought them together into a brand...
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Chloe Bond Weddings

I WOULDN’T GO ANYWHERE ELSE! Partnering with Nicki has been the best decision I’ve made to help me brand and launch my businesses.
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Kerry & Lins

"WE LOST ALL CONFIDENCE, but Nicki helped us to believe in ourselves and our business flourished again."
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Emma Wakefield

"I’ve always known HOW IMPORTANT it is to have a clear message and brand…however I have never had as much clarity in my 3 years...
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Magnetic Messaging


Do you want to know the 3-step messaging frameworks 6 & 7 figure women entrepreneurs use To become non-negotiable, rather than a nice to have?